Types of escape rooms

Escape rooms are all about being unique.Each escape room you go to will challenge you in a slightly different way than the others.Some focus more on cooperation, others on puzzles, and others on their senses.However, despite all their differences, there are some things that are useful in defining what an escape room is and the different types that exist.


Linear exhaust room

Linear escape rooms are defined by their orderly nature.Usually, in a linear escape room, puzzles are solved one at a time, in order, each provides clues to help advance to the next.These types of escape rooms are generally easier and require fewer people to solve.They are great for beginner escapists and for those who are really looking to hone their skills by focusing on one task at a time.They are also a great way for those building their first escape room.

EXAMPLE: In this case our room with the easiest escape to solve can be found in our room in Terrassa:

Non-linear exhaust room

Nonlinear escape rooms are known for their complexity.They require escapists to solve multiple puzzles at once, often with time limits.They are ideal for large groups that can be divided into smaller teams to focus on separate challenges, or small groups looking for big challenges.Often, the challenges within a nonlinear escape room will be comprised of multiple linear challenges that will come together to solve a massive puzzle.If you fancy a difficult adventure then visit:

How many people do we have to be?

The ideal is to be a group of at least 6 people so that you can make subgroups and investigate the room separately.

Escape room to the outside

The mechanics are usually quite versatile.At the beginning of the event, the game master explains the rules to the participants, divides them into teams, sets up and gives the first task.After that, within an hour, the teams solve the puzzles, understand where to go next, go there and find a new puzzle.
So that participants do not get bored of a set of simple tasks, a story, tasks for player interaction, a common overall goal, a competitive element and much more are added to the game.

What do I need to make these escapes?

The main thing is to have a competitive team and desire to have fun! From there, comfortable shoes are recommended, a mobile phone with enough battery for the whole adventure, drink, a cap if it is very sunny and a backpack or similar to keep the different clues that we will find.

Can it be done with children?

All our escape rooms are designed to get children.

Escape room "mix"

Currently, we are working on the design of an escape room that mixes the best of each option. That is, at the beginning of it you have to travel a part of Barcelona (in this case it will be located in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu), to later finish solving the mystery in one of our rooms.

We have been working on an adventure for some time. We leave you here for the first time a preview of it:


Welcome to the neighborhood of La Sagrera. Formerly, this neighborhood was the sacred space that was around the consecrated chapels, within which cellars or warehouses were built to store wines and silos for cereals(*).

At that time the best wines were made here, and were said to have unique medicinal properties. Over time the sacred area has given way to an urban area.

But…. what if everything hadn't disappeared? Help uncover the mysteries of the area.

(*) Source of information: Ajuntament de Barcelona

It seems silly but it's not. Remember that we do EVERYTHING with the aim of enjoying a special event and sharing it with our friends and family. So you know. IT'S TIME TO ENJOY!

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