Group Party Game: Twister

Twister is a classic and simple party game, in our facilities up to 4 players can play.However, if you have never played and you lack the instructions, we explain here everything you need to know!You have our multi-game canvas with the Twister and two dice, one will serve to decide the colors and another the area of the body to use.


Choose a person to act as an arbitrator. The referee will roll the dice, announce the moves and supervise the game.

Go up to the mat. Remember to take off your shoes.The referee must be kept off the canvas.

Roll the dice. The referee says the color and the part of the body on which the needle falls.All players must obey this direction.

Try not to fall. If a player falls, or lets a knee (unless directed by the die) or an elbow touch the mat, he is removed from the round.The last player standing wins the round.


Choosing which venue to rent for your private event can be a complicated task for some people.However, there is no room for error when choosing a venue for events.After all, the venue is one of the most important elements to make the event perfect.Before you commit to a particular venue, make sure you know exactly what your event needs.Here’s a quick guide to help you assess whether a place is suitable:

Rental of premises for parties: capacity of guests

Guest capacity is one of the first things you should consider when choosing an event space.The administration of the place must be able to provide you with a maximum capacity, as well as the minimum number of people.The key here is to understand the ratio of people to useful space.In our case, for example, the premises rental room for parties in Barcelona has 240 square meters of space, which translates into a capacity of 50 people. We design the capacity thinking about the greatest possible comfort so that when you make the rent of the premises for parties you are without burdens and having a great time.

Rental of premises for parties: Atmosphere and adaptability of the place

The atmosphere of a venue plays an important role in setting the tone for your event.For example, a large banquet hall is able to adapt to any type of event, from lively children’s birthday parties to elegant debuts. In our case, all rooms are themed. For example, in the party room of Terrassa you will find a Mexican theming that the little ones love!

Party rentals: Extra options

You’ll need to take a look at the amenities present at an event, as well as the special inclusions you’ll receive if you book the venue.For starters, try to make sure your chosen place has easy access for your guests. Our barcelona rooms are located close to public transport (Metro, Train and Bus de la Sagrera).If you have a large guest list, the ideal is to have several areas within the place.In many wedding venues they are happy to provide sound systems to be able to dance and have a great time.On the other hand, an event venue with catering may offer discounts on its catering services.

Event for sure!

How to make an event safe

Plan ahead to party safely

If you’re partying, plan ahead.It’s easier to make smart decisions before you’re in the middle of things, so make a few decisions before you go to make it a safe event.

Stay close to friends you trust.

Ask your friends to take care of you and let them know that you will do the same for them.

Determine how you’re going to get home

Have some money for a taxi, arrange for someone to pick you up, or make sure someone is the designated driver and won’t drink during the event. Have a plan B to get home if plan A fails; for example, ask someone’s parents if they will pick you up if you can’t take a taxi.

Eat well before leaving home.

A full stomach slows down the absorption of alcohol. If you are going to drink alcohol, drink in moderation.Decide what your limit is and stick to it, guarantee a safe event.

Please note that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the street or in a public place

Even if he is not actively drinking, if he is drunk in public, he can be arrested.

Always control what you do to make it a safe event

Don’t let others refill your drinks and choose low-alcohol options whenever possible.Occupy your hands with soft drinks or water once you have reached your limit, so as not to be tempted to continue buying alcoholic beverages.Avoid “screaming” or drinking games.You’re more likely to make silly or even dangerous decisions when you’ve drunk too much.

Types of escape rooms

Escape rooms are all about being unique.Each escape room you go to will challenge you in a slightly different way than the others.Some focus more on cooperation, others on puzzles, and others on their senses.However, despite all their differences, there are some things that are useful in defining what an escape room is and the different types that exist.


Linear exhaust room

Linear escape rooms are defined by their orderly nature.Usually, in a linear escape room, puzzles are solved one at a time, in order, each provides clues to help advance to the next.These types of escape rooms are generally easier and require fewer people to solve.They are great for beginner escapists and for those who are really looking to hone their skills by focusing on one task at a time.They are also a great way for those building their first escape room.

EXAMPLE: In this case our room with the easiest escape to solve can be found in our room in Terrassa:

Non-linear exhaust room

Nonlinear escape rooms are known for their complexity.They require escapists to solve multiple puzzles at once, often with time limits.They are ideal for large groups that can be divided into smaller teams to focus on separate challenges, or small groups looking for big challenges.Often, the challenges within a nonlinear escape room will be comprised of multiple linear challenges that will come together to solve a massive puzzle.If you fancy a difficult adventure then visit:

How many people do we have to be?

The ideal is to be a group of at least 6 people so that you can make subgroups and investigate the room separately.

Escape room to the outside

The mechanics are usually quite versatile.At the beginning of the event, the game master explains the rules to the participants, divides them into teams, sets up and gives the first task.After that, within an hour, the teams solve the puzzles, understand where to go next, go there and find a new puzzle.
So that participants do not get bored of a set of simple tasks, a story, tasks for player interaction, a common overall goal, a competitive element and much more are added to the game.

What do I need to make these escapes?

The main thing is to have a competitive team and desire to have fun! From there, comfortable shoes are recommended, a mobile phone with enough battery for the whole adventure, drink, a cap if it is very sunny and a backpack or similar to keep the different clues that we will find.

Can it be done with children?

All our escape rooms are designed to get children.

Escape room "mix"

Currently, we are working on the design of an escape room that mixes the best of each option. That is, at the beginning of it you have to travel a part of Barcelona (in this case it will be located in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu), to later finish solving the mystery in one of our rooms.

We have been working on an adventure for some time. We leave you here for the first time a preview of it:


Welcome to the neighborhood of La Sagrera. Formerly, this neighborhood was the sacred space that was around the consecrated chapels, within which cellars or warehouses were built to store wines and silos for cereals(*).

At that time the best wines were made here, and were said to have unique medicinal properties. Over time the sacred area has given way to an urban area.

But…. what if everything hadn't disappeared? Help uncover the mysteries of the area.

(*) Source of information: Ajuntament de Barcelona

It seems silly but it's not. Remember that we do EVERYTHING with the aim of enjoying a special event and sharing it with our friends and family. So you know. IT'S TIME TO ENJOY!

How to choose a room for events?

We all have special events to celebrate with family or friends, and many times the space we have in our home is insufficient. That is why renting a lounge for your private party is a very good option. We explain here everything you have to take into account.


The first thing you have to do is be clear that the site fits you by situation. We recommend you visit the facilities to see the distribution of the furniture, since in many cases you can not change places, and if you want to put decoration talk to the decorator so that she can give you ideas.

Once you have decided you must leave a reservation, it is usually between € 20 and € 50 (in cash at the time of the hearing, or later by bank transfer). They must also explain the rules to be met, the maximum capacity, the time reserved and the extra services they offer to hire in case you are interested (cleaning, catering, etc …).



Many times we look at the space being large. And it's important! Of course, if we have decided to rent a room it is because we wanted to have enough space for the event. But it has to be the right space for our event: it doesn't make much sense for us to rent huge spaces for parties of few guests. The feeling of "empty" space will not help create that festive atmosphere. It is advisable to have a minimum of 2 square meters per attendee, and a maximum of 5.


The air conditioning of the space is fundamental. Normally in enclosed spaces the temperature will increase quickly when filled with people, so we will need to have air conditioning (even in winter!). And in addition, a correct ventilation will allow us to have a pleasant space, without "strange smells" and without stale air. In addition, we recommend that you always keep the temperature around 20º, since raising it makes attendees very uncomfortable (especially in summer).

Children's zone

Kids need to have fun! And it is logical that they have an exclusive space to enjoy. A ball park is something they like and a lot, with slides and preferably with some basket to play inside the ball pool. Although having only that is often insufficient, especially when it comes to a children's party in which there will be many attendees. We also provide the rooms with an inflatable attraction so that they jump and can also distribute their game between the inflatable and the ball park. And we also have the sound equipment and giant projector in case you feel like dancing (something not exclusive to children, adults can sign up!). They can also bring their own console. In our "large" rooms, this area will also be differentiated from the adult area to keep the noise of children's revelry at a distance.

Adult area

It is perhaps the most versatile space. In this area we need fun but also that it is functional. We need fridges and bottle racks for our food and drink. It is important that the fridge has a small freezer if we bring ice. We also need a space to heat the food (microwave), coffee maker and some area to serve or prepare the food tray. The food you have to bring already prepared since many rooms do not have a kitchen.

And you also have to have fun! Traditional games such as table football or bullseye entertain and allow not only adults to play. And an area to dance, with disco lighting and sound equipment. In our case we also offer a computer connected to the internet so you can play your favorite music.


Finally, it is important that we can access it easily. The ideal is a room that is close to all attendees, although it is not always possible. If you have public transport nearby you will avoid parking problems. Our Barcelona room is very close to la Sagrera, so you have train, metro and bus. And that of Terrassa near the Ramba Egara, 15 min. walk from the train station. Also in our rooms there is public parking nearby in the vicinity, especially important in the case of Barcelona.


And something very important, that this space is something special. It's perhaps the hardest part. Our rooms are decorated for you to enjoy exclusive spaces (Hawaiian or medieval in Barcelona or sailor or Mexican in Terrassa) And also in our case we collaborate with Caritas so your event will be something SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE.

How to organize a party at Christmas

For these dates we all have an illusion in organizing a special event to meet with family, friends, etc … And Christmas is coming! In this article we will explain how you can do it to organize a Christmas party



Traditionally what we have to do is think about everyone and… do not forget anyone! These are very important dates and we want to see all our relatives.

COVID TIPS FOR PARTIES: With the restrictions imposed and above all for our own safety and that of ours, it is important to reduce the number of guests this time. You can see more information about how many people to invite here.


Once we have chosen the guest list, which we already know will be limited, the next thing is to find a space that suits our needs. We need to solve the following questions:

Will there be sufficient safety distance between guests?

We need a minimum distance of 2 meters and groups of maximum 4 people per table, as long as they are from the same coexistence group.

Are there options for the little ones to do some activity?

They will be very different parties, but children need something to have fun. It is not recommended to use electronic devices (such as mobile phones …) from certain hours, as it makes it difficult to catch sleep later.

Do you share the space with other people?

This question implies that if we are going to go to a place where there will be different groups, for example a restaurant, it will be very important to take extreme security measures. There are certain areas that will be shared inevitably, for example the bathroom, so it is an area to avoid if possible.

Will I have everything I need to make the party?

If I take care of the organization of the food I will need something to cook it, or if I have it prepared something to heat, keep it in the fridge and serve it properly.

COVID TIPS FOR PARTIES: We recommend that if you hold a party you choose a private space, it can be your home or a private room for events. In addition, in the case of making it at home, preparing something fun for children, you can find countless game ideas on Youtube.


It seems silly but it's not. Remember that we hold these holidays with the aim of enjoying a special event and sharing it with our friends and family. So you know. IT'S TIME TO ENJOY!

Anniversaries Terrassa and Barcelona

Do you want to live a special birthday with your closest circle with all the covid-19 measures prepared to make it the safest party for you and yours? We are your rooms, we have in Barcelona and Terrassa. Contact our website

You meet Barcelona and Terrassa

Do you want the little ones to enjoy surrounded by their closest friends? We are your room with ball park and bouncy😃🥳🎉 castle. We have rooms in Barcelona and Terrassa. Contact our website

Escape room for children

Come and celebrate your party in our Escape room suitable for children under 12 years old, we have rooms in Barcelona and Terrassa, we have prices per group, contact us on our website🥳

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