Room Features:

  • Room of 100 square meters with public parking nearby, with capacity for up to 35 guests
  • Fully equipped: with football table and bar equipped with fridge with freezer and bottle rack and indoor park and inflatable attraction for the little ones.
  • With Hawaiian style decoration with hangers for decoration.
  • 35 chairs, 8 tables and a high chair
  • Free Wifi, with a PC connected to the projector and with sound equipment and disco lighting


  • MONDAY TO THURSDAY(15:30 to 20:30): 75
  • FRIDAY LATE (15:30 to 20: 30): 95
  • FRIDAY NIGHT(21:30 to 2:00): 230
  • FESTIVE MORNING (10:30 to 14:30): 95
  • LATE HOLIDAYS(15:30 to 20:30): 130
  • FESTIVOS NIGHT BARCELONA(*) (21:30 to 2:00): 230 €
    (*) Due to COVID-19 regulations this time becomes from 20:30 to 1


Fancy a different event for children’s parties in Barcelona? We offer you the possibility to make our ESCAPE ROOM INFANTIL – PARTY MEXICANA of 1 hour and then be 1 extra hour in the room to finish the party.

Live an escape room at your party

MONDAY TO THURSDAY from 17:00 to 19:00 or 19:30 to 21:30 or SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MORNING from 10:00 to 12:00 or 12:30 to 14:30 for 105

More info at


What type of events are mainly performed:

  • Cheap children’s parties in Terrassa. If your event is for a group of fewer than 15 children and few parents may stay, this is your room. Incredible rates and a Hawaiian setting awaits you.
  • Events with up to 35 attendees: babyshower, family gatherings, youth parties, etc…. We can adapt the children’s area so that it can be occupied in part by adults if the event requires it.
  • Product presentations by companies, tuppersex, Thermomix type presentations….. We have special rates for groups that book the room weekly on non-holidays.